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Because I am super passionate about women and mothers starting and creating their own businesses I created a little interview to feature my amazing clients and hear about how they got started, why they love what they do, struggles they may have overcome and any tips and advice they may have for others. My first amazing women in business is Sol from Innovative Events, she started her wedding and event planning business at the start of 2015 all while still  having a full time job and is truly one of the most loveliest people I have had the pleasure of working with.

What is your business and why do you love what you do?

I purposed in my heart a few years ago that I wanted to live life knowing ‘what is’ rather than wondering ‘what if…’.That was the moment I decided I wanted to live out of my passion, and I would do passionately! But what is my passion? Simple! Serving. I have no doubt in my mind I  was born to serve. Nothing moves my heart as much as it does to make other people feel appreciated and filling needs. Serving goes beyond ‘self’, who gets the credit and emotions. It is such a beautiful way to honor life and show gratitude… and I have been given so much! So that’s when it all became clear in my head… all I had to do was merge my passion for serving others, the adoration I have for creativity & designing and my love for analytical thinking into what has now become my Wedding Planning & Floral Design firm, Innovative Events.

What is the biggest lesson you wish you had known at the start of starting your business?

Becoming a business owner is no luxury, especially when, like me,  you don’t come from a privileged background (or can I say, when you don’t come from “money”?).   Having a business transcends driving nice cars, wearing name brands and even… money! – wait! Is it even about those things?-. To me,  having a business is all about having PASSION. I have already learned from less than a year of experience that it is work – and lots of it, and if it wasn’t for the passion I have rooted deep in my heart I would already be tired.  I’m certain I am not the only business owner who has spent countless hours of research, reading, writing, brainstorming, analyzing, studying trends and patterns, sleepless nights, sacrificing nights out…not to mention learning at least the basics about accounting, graphic design, photography, a little psychology, writing, SEO, marketing… the list can go on! I don’t mean to scare you, but this is what I wish I would have known from the beginning: Starts are rough! Think learning how to ride a bike with shorts on – ouch! There is a lot of work involved in building a business from the ground up. 

What are your top balancing tips and how do you make time for you?

My biggest challenge at the present time? Managing my time wisely between my day time job, business, clients, family, friends, ministry and myself -we all need me-time! So, what is it that I do to flawlessly balance my time? Well, did you notice how I said “my biggest challenge at the present time…”? Yep! I am still trying to figure out how to find balance! If only the wisdom would come by reading the  ‘5 Easy Steps to Managing Time Effectively’ or ‘Read my Steps to Becoming a Balanced Person’ (these are just pretend titles) articles, I would be a ‘PRO’ at it.  But no! I truly believe this is a personal journey and learning experience that can’t be avoided. Some people find the grace to learn quickly and others may struggle longer to find balance.

What is a business tool you couldn’t live without?

Although I haven’t fully mastered the balancing act, I have to give lots of credit to sanity item: my black and white striped Kate Spade agenda. If it wasn’t for my agenda, I would probably still be overbooking, not to mention how it helps me log my week and track my time effectively -That’s a start!


But see, I am truly grateful to have found a way to merge my passion and career together. Passion enables us to see opportunities in failures and lackings. Passion carries us overcome obstacles in the most exquisite way. Passion ignites our hearts with the courage to express our thoughts, drives us to tap into the uncharted, makes the time for dreams to  unfold, and grants us a license to be authentic. Passion knows no impossibles. At the end of the day, regardless of how many times you’ve tried and failed, just find out what you are truly passionate about and live passionately for it. I guarantee you, when you find your passion, you will find your purpose and limitations will slowly fade away allowing you to see endless possibilities and alternate ways to make it happen. 


Thanks so much for sharing your story.. so far Sol x

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