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My first biz mamas to be featured are the super crafty sisters Amy and Sonya from Tom & Stu. They create all sorts of handmade goodies and do it all from their own homes during nap times.

What is your passionate business and why do you love what you do?

We make handmade crafts and unique sewing for babies and for the home. We love what we do because we really are doing what we love! As sisters we love working together on projects and have been creating crafts our whole lives, and now we get to share the things that we love making for our families.

What is the biggest lesson you wish you had known at the start of starting your business?

That you can’t just make what you think is cool and expect it to sell. There is so much competition now with what we do so we have to put alot of thought into each item we create.

What is a business tool you couldn’t live without?

Haha I like to kick it old school so that would be my note book and pen. Sonya would say that its me (Amy) to nag her hmmmmmm.

What are your top balancing tips and how do you make time for you?

My balancing tips are quit watching tv at night time and also get dad to watch the kids for a hour or two to get some quality work done. Making time for myself is still a work in progress, at the moment it would be getting my boys to nap at the same time then I make a cuppa and zone out for half an hour on Facebook or a nap on the weekends after the markets is bliss.

Your must have ‘sanity’ items?

My sanity items are many many cups of tea, chocolate and of course wine.

Your favourite quote or piece of advice you love?

Live the life you love.


Tom & Stu at the markets, coffee in hand.. Love it!

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