If you are wholeheartedly passionate for something, anything at all.. you could be a stay at home mum with a keen eye and a love for capturing beautiful images or you could already be working but love creating organic skin cares and lip ointments for your friends in your spare time.. whatever you enjoy, love doing and could easily get lost for hours in.. that is your passion and you could be living it everyday with your own business.

If you have ever thought of turning your passion into a business, this series will help you clarify your dreams, your business goals and start the steps to creating your very own joyful and passionate business.

So where do you begin? · R E S E A R C H  &  C L A R I F Y ·

Honestly the best place to begin when starting your business is to research and really narrow down and clarify your business vision. Research your competitors or someone in the same niche as you and get inspired, hone in on your ideal customer/client, read books, follow business blogs, research startup costs and requirements for starting a business in your state/country and start writing your business plan and goals.

Now a warning to anyone (like me) who loves to plan and get lost in the details.. Keep It Simple! You could spend months and months planning, preparing, developing systems and ultimately delaying where you will find the most joy.. living your passion. I know how easy it is to get overwhelmed by the information out there and thinking you have to ‘do this’ or ‘have this’ before you can ‘start your business’ or you need to have ‘x amount of $ in the bank’ before you can begin.. if you REALLY want a passionate authentic business that is yours.. make it happen.. just begin! There might never be a ‘right time’ and from my experience of starting two businesses you learn A LOT along the way and its amazing what you can achieve when your pushed to do it. But if you don’t begin and get the ball rolling you could end up procrastinating and getting lost in the details, which can really make it more stressful and take away a lot of the excitement of your new venture. Instead focus your energy on one step at a time and just begin where you are.

So Step #1 for starting your own business:

*Download my free printable worksheet HERE and begin researching competitors and customers, get inspired, research startup costs, write your goals and put dates to them, create a clear vision of your business plan and just start!

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