About This Project

I absolutely loved creating Alex from Optima Health‘s brand new designs and can’t wait to see everything that is to come from your new business.

Alex wanted a healthy and fun vibe for her branding while staying true to her organic and fresh style so we created a clean and vibrant website that reflects her services and philosophy.

” I knew I wanted to work with Casey the first moment that I saw her designs! This desire was further complemented after our first interaction when I realized how much of a joy she was! I chose to go with the complete design package. Casey really understood what I wanted and what I envisioned my brand to be. So much so that I believe my new business has had a great head start. I am so so happy with the outcome and this is an absolute testament to Casey’s hard work and passion for graphic design. I would without a doubt recommend Casey for all your design needs. She truly has a gift and I feel so fortunate to be able to have worked with her in order to establish my business. Thankyou Casey! X “