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I confess that from a little girl I have been obsessed with stationery.. from pretty pens and stickers to notebooks and notepads, and for some unknown reason I adore diaries and planners. At the end of every year I go in search for my next diary and last year I had a specific goal in mind.. I needed a daily planner I could use to schedule my day but that also had room for business and study tasks, as well as family life. I also wanted it to be beautiful.. I mean you have to use it for a whole year right?! I had come across Emily Ley back in 2012 when I had my wedding planning business and Emily offered a Partner Program for Wedding Planners, I loved how her designs were feminine and lovely yet were kept simplistic and could be used for brides with different styles.

After discovering Emily’s website again and exploring her blog posts and brand values I was so in agreement with everything The Simplified Planner represented for Women and Mothers that I ordered my 2015 planner and absolutely love it! I love that I can plan my day, use it to jot down my top ‘To Do’s’, take notes and menu plan all in the one planner.

Emily has created a brand that inspires women to build a lifestyle around joy and simplicity and to focus on what really matters, which I absolutely L O V E ! She is extremely inspiring as a business woman and mother of 3 (she just had super cute twins!) and she keeps it real, balancing family life with being a biz mama.

I cannot wait to get my hands on one of her new Gold Pineapple Planners for 2016.. eeeek we’re halfway through the year already!! gold pineapple planner

‘Do what matters, forget the rest’ – Emily Ley

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