Alana from Etiquette for Success has just recently launched her business and I had the pleasure of having her as a client and getting to know her through our numerous emails. What I love about working with women and mothers is seeing first hand the determination, hard work, family juggle and everyday life that goes along with finding some balance in the journey of following our passions. Alana has created her business all with her darling toddler in tow and I have loved hearing about her journey, to see more about Alana or to check out her etiquette services CLICK HERE

What is your passionate business and why do you love what you do? 

My business is Etiquette for Success and I specialise in Business, Wedding and Lifestyle Etiquette and Customer Service Training. I love being able to help businesses be exceptional. I love being able to offer advice that makes someones day easier. I love being able to show that etiquette isn’t all hoity-toity and ‘what fork you should use’ but a way to treat each other with respect, consideration and honesty.IMG_5658

What is the biggest lesson you wish you had known at the start of starting your business?

Start when you have a 2 month old that sleeps for 16 hours a day…. Not a super energetic toddler that kicks it into overdrive as soon as the laptop makes an appearance!

What is a business tool you couldn’t live without?

A that moment it’s PowerPoint. I could happily live without it as I am rubbish at using it but it is a necessary evil for my workshops. And that being said it contributes to me being able to do what I love. I also use google docs for my blog posts and workshop planning. It enables me to make notes and edit my documents from multiple devices.

What are your top balancing tips and how do you make time for you? 

I’m lucky enough (thank you universe/ husband!!) to have a cleaner and I do my grocery shopping online. I outsource as much as I can. Especially things that I’m not good at. Like graphics. Casey takes care of that for me. Currently my time for me is in the evenings listening to an audio book. Weather and time permitting, a long walk along Adelaide’s Linear track is always good for my soul. 


Your must have pretty/sanity items?

Tea, tea and more tea. Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom and Honey cologne, kikki k to-do list pad and Pinot Gris at the end of the day.IMG_5653

Your favourite quote or piece of advice you love? 

‘To compare is to punish.’ Becoming a mum, and the massive life and career change that came with it, has taught me that we are all on our own road to somewhere. Some people get their quicker and appear to be traveling First Class. For others it feels like they are on a bus with no air-conditioning that’s making every stop possible. Try not to compare. Focus on your journey and do what makes YOU happy.

Be brave and bold xx  

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