Working from home is definitely a juggle, especially when you have kiddos. 2016 has been the first year of having both my boys at School which has absolutely made a huge difference to my workday and being able to schedule blocks of time instead of trying to do everything at once, has created a much better work/family life balance.

M Y . D A Y

Day in the Life

6.30am – W A K E . U P

After I have hit the snooze button on my alarm a couple of times I drag myself out of bed, cuddle my boys and have a quick play with our husky pup (she is hypo and crazy in the morning so loves to play). The morning routine is the same every weekday, we have breaky (hello coffee!!), my boys get themselves ready for School with uniforms, lunch boxes and drink bottles, and do their morning job (8yr old empties dishwasher & 5yr old gives pup bikkies & new water).

8.15am – S C H O O L

We are out the door, I have a weekly planner on the fridge that shows what the boys have each day and when homework is due back. I drop the boys into their classes and head home to start work.

9.00am – W O R K

I start my workday off by getting my Etsy orders, enquiries and design proofs completed, I like to make sure that I have replied to everyone and most of my orders have a 1-3 day turnaround so I like to get as many orders completed as I can.

Once my Etsy inbox is cleared, approved orders have been sent to customers and no new orders are awaiting proofs I take a break (usually for lunch) to just stop, slow down and clear my head before starting on my design client work.

Whenever I begin or carry on working on designs I like to have each client’s clipboard in front of me, this has their questionnaire, my notes and sketches, their custom inspiration board and any inspiration they have pinned in their secret board all attached. I like to keep it in front of me when I work so I can really hone in on their vision and style and ensure I am focused on each and every unique client individually.

2.15pm – P I C K . U P

I finish working, usually grab a arvo snack on the way out the door and head to School to get a carpark, I usually catch up on emails and reading while I wait and by the time we get out of there its about 3pm.

A R V O . R O U T I N E

After School I have made a mindful decision to switch to what I call ‘Mama Mode’. I found for the first year of my business I created a lot of anxiety and stress by working constantly throughout the day, and needed to really create a schedule that created a better balance for me and my family and set some solid boundaries. Between 2.15pm until 7.30pm I am away from desk, my boys have soccer and rugby training sessions as well as swimming lessons throughout the week and I like spending that time with them without thinking about everything I should be/or have to do.. this block of time is really important to me and I have found by really switching off and enjoying this time being a Mum that I don’t rush or stress as much as I used to.

N I G H T . R O U T I N E – 4-7pm

  • Workout – I workout (in front of Netflix) for about an hour 6x a week while my boys are usually playing outside, I have only been doing this for the last 7 weeks but have noticed a huge difference in my mindset and energy and enjoy focusing on myself for a little while.
  • Dinner – I love to cook as I find it relaxing and finding new recipes to try are always fun. If we have something on the next day after School I always save leftovers to quickly make as the boys are always super hungry afterwards.
  • Homework – Sometimes homework is done at the bench while I cook otherwise after dinner.
  • Showers/Book/Bed – Boys have a 7pm bedtime which gives me time to clean up after dinner and have a shower before I get started on my work again.


7.30pm – 10pm + later

Emails, Logo Design, Websites, Etsy Orders & Enquiries, Business Cards & Marketing Materials, New Etsy Listings.. the list goes on but basically whatever I have to complete from earlier in the day or I have put on my ‘to do list’ to complete is what I carry on with at night and usually finish at 10pm unless I’m ‘in the zone’ where I get really excited about a design or have a vision that I want to complete, and I always check the next days schedule, write my to-do list and prepare for the next day before finishing at my desk. 

I always finish the day off with some reading to wind down and this helps to clear my head before bed.

Weekends are strictly family time as hubby works away during the week, unless I have some urgent design work to complete where hubby will then take the boys for a play at the rugby fields while I concentrate and get it done so we can spend time together.

What I have learnt and my advice for other work from home Mama’s is to schedule what you can but try and roll with each day, so many things seem to come up unexpectedly like sick kids or appointments and becoming stressed or anxious affects everything you do. Be kind to yourself especially when things aren’t going right and remember why you started your business in the first place.. for me it was to follow my creative passion while being able to be there for my boys and absolutely some days are harder and more challenging then others but if you need to snuggle on the couch with your little one or be there for a friend when you should be working.. remember this is your business and you can tailor it each day, things will get done eventually.

If you are a Ladyboss and would like to share your day on the blog, please contact me.
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